Certificate of Authenticity

Each piece of framed art and jewellery is given a certificate of authenticity as well as a unique serial number that is either attached by a tag on the framed artwork or lasered onto the jewellery.

Every piece of Legacy Collection is put into our database so we can source each artefact by its numbers and images.

Letter from Ruwacon Contractor on Robben Island Renovation

Letter from Ruwacon stating why the fence was being replaced, how long it was on Robben Island and their instruction to dispose of the fence into a landfill.

Letter of support from South African Heritage Resources Agency


SAHRA (South African Heritage Resources Agency) is a statutory organisation is responsible for the protection of South Africa’s cultural heritage and Robben Island falls under SAHRA.

Chris Swift has a support letter for an installation where they recognise the Robben Island prison fencing and support an installation Chris was erected on Signal Hill in Cape Town for the 2014 World Design Capital, called Project X.

Letter of support from Robben Island


Robben Island CEO’s letter of support to Chris Swift’s Project X / Sun Star installation, which was installed on Cape Towns’ landmark Signal Hill for the 2014 World Design Capital.

Another notable exhibition at The Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway.
September 2018. 

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