Legacy Beads: Created with the crowned royalty in mind, these earrings are currently categorised in Queen, Princess and Dutchess designs. Our royal beading range calls on all women who wear them to own their feminism and enjoy their storytelling beads each time they wear them. Each beaded earring tells a story of royalty or has a title.

Our earrings encourage women not to be ruled by their circumstances and their past hurt or shame, but to be crowned as a new creation and know she is worthy.

Beading in Africa is also very much about storytelling; and is often used for status, love letters and weddings. We love keeping the legacy of these African cultures alive through our current designs ….

Legacy Beads are created by women at risk in South Africa. Women in South Africa are some of the most “at risk” women in the world. At Legacy Collection we are trying to uplift these beautiful women by lifting them out of their circumstances to make something of beauty with their hands.