Every section of the original Robben Island fence is marked with its own unique ridges and grooves: the poignant scars of history lived and lessons learned. This is why a bespoke artwork created by Charmaine Taylor from the original fence is a striking and very special artifact to own and show in your home. This is truly art with heart; a profound, timeless, and iconic investment.
Each Legacy Collection artwork has its own unique character, is photographed and tagged with a serial number, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Legacy Collections artwork can be framed in a choice of a white, black, or natural dark wood frame, together with a plaque that reads ‘Original fence from Robben Island prison’.

You are able to select your preferred framing style and, on order, our team will email you images of pieces of the fence we have in stock for you to select one. Please email us for more information on the art we have in stock and what framing requirements you need.

We also offer an unframed option for shipping abroad.

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