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Discover the brand

Legacy Collection isn’t just a jewellery collection. Each piece is a poignant work of art made from the Robben Island fence, once the fence was a symbol of oppression is now a new symbol of hope, forgiveness and freedom. Legacy Collection products are handmade and locally produced in Cape Town. Each range (Peace; Rights; Justice; Liberty; Grace;.. ) are aptly named in honour of South Africa’s road to democracy.

It is Legacy Collections vision and commitment to continue investing in South Africa’s development by empowering previously disadvantaged individuals by creating pieces of art that tell the beautiful story of triumph for generations to come. Remembering that through confinement and struggle; strength and resilience triumphs.

Meet Charmaine Taylor


Charmaine Taylor, the founder of Legacy Collection, is an ethical and environmentally-focused artist from Cape Town, South Africa. Her mission is to always create art that sparks brave conversation that provokes change and positive awareness about her homeland, South Africa.

She has exhibited the collection internationally, most notably at the Nobel Peace Center in Norway. She is also a sought after motivational speaker, sharing her journey with the historical fence to create awareness of past and current human rights and environmental concerns globally.