Legacy Collection is not just a jewellery collection. Each jewellery piece is a poignant work of wearable art. Inspired by the Robben Island fencing that once held captive the late great Nelson Mandela. Each individual piece designed is titled with the intention to celebrate ‘Hope over History’, namely Peace, Rights, Resilience, and Strength. Individuals wearing this collection physically carry the story of the triumph of the human spirit. Legacy Collection’s oferrings will envoke meaningful and brave conversations globally.

By nature, each piece of Robben Island Fencing used in the collection is unique in its texture and design. No one piece of Robben Island Fencing is the same and authenticated with a unique serial number and Certificate of Authenticity.

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Dame Pink Earrings

Peace Earring With Fishhooks

Lady in Waiting – White + Gold

Dame Dusk Earrings

Fable Earrings

PLATED Rose Gold
PLATED Yellow Gold

Word Earrings (One Left)

Whorl Earrings


Grace Earrings

Plated Rose Gold

Mercy Earrings – Silver Only

Glory Earring with Fishhooks


Glory Earring with Pins


Choice Series Set

9ct Rose Gold
9ct White Gold
9ct Yellow Gold
Plated Rose Gold
Plated Yellow Gold

Choice Earrings

9ct White Gold
9ct Yellow Gold
Plated Rose Gold
Plated Yellow Gold

Xhosa Umbhaco Beaded Earrings

Duchess Canary Earrings

Princess Dusk Earrings

Princess South African Earrings

Now Africa Earring – Silver – Single Strand

Peace Earring Studs + 3 Tanzanites

Icon Earrings