Communities We Donate To

Committed to the continued investment in South Africa’s development, 10% of all sales from Legacy Collection go towards sustainable development projects. Charmaine is passionate about skills development and education so she has chosen the below two organisations to give back to:

We Love Football Academy 

We believe that sport and football inherently offer a transferrable set of skills for social development ; through team building, acceptance and discipline.

Football acts as the messenger. Specific game topics included, but are not limited to; saving, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, hygiene and child rights.

All said and done, the biggest factor that enables us to use football as a tool to connect and bring about social development is quite stunningly simple.

WE LOVE FOOTBALL ! and believe we are able to bring about increased learning and engagement through utilising this.

Abalimi Bezekhaya (The Planters)  /  Harvest of Hope

At Abalimi we assist individuals, groups and community based organisations to initiate and maintain permanent organic food growing and nature conservation projects as the basis for sustainable lifestyles, self-help job creation, poverty alleviation and environmental renewal.