Crafted from the rugged, raw original perimeter fence of Robben Island prison, Legacy Collection jewellery bears the tactile scars of South Africa’s past, all the while symbolising the dazzling spirit of those who overcame. Each piece is hand cut from the original fence and put through a lengthy bonding and sealing process before being encased in gold, silver or rose gold.
Within the Legacy Collection jewellery range, every unique piece is named in honour of South Africa’s path to democracy. From Grace and Mercy earrings to Liberty and Justice bangles and Freewill and Release pendants, each creation is imbued with the poignant story of history lived and lessons learnt.
Other product features:

Crafted from the original perimeter fence of South Africa’s Robben Island prison.
Every Legacy Collection artwork is limited-edition and comes with a unique serial number and a certificate of authenticity. All pieces are catalogued to ensure the authenticity of each piece.
10% of profits will go to local charities which help to empower disadvantaged individuals and communities in South Africa.

Select your preferred framing style and, on order, our team will email you images of pieces of fence we have in stock for you to select one.

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