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Robben Island Art and Jewelry

Honour Pendant

Honour Pendant

R 1,700.00


Definition of Honor: 

High respect; esteem.

Charmaine Taylor created the Honor Collection in remembrance of South Africa's first democratic election in 1994. "X" symbolizing our fundamental human right right to vote. And especially in honour of Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first democratically elected president. Who led the first ever free and fair election, and a miracle as it was done peacefully. 

Charmaine now has created the Strength Collection for both men and Women. This new range now exposes the raw Robben Island Prison Fence. And sealed with liquid laminate to prevent from further rusting.

Each piece gets a unique serial number engraved on the back with a certificate of authenticity. Legacy Collection is proudly made in Cape Town, South Africa 


Each Legacy Collection piece is named in honour of South Africa’s struggle to democracy.

The Piece

The Honor range is crafted from pieces of the Robben Island prison fence. 

Legacy Collection is an emotionally rich collection and will always attract attention and conversation. Wearing Legacy Collection Jewellery is a way of showing solidarity in the struggle for freedom both in South Africa and globally, where people are still downtrodden.


 Product Features

  • Made from original fence from Robben Island prison.
  • Each piece of raw fence is tagged with a unique serial number and is supplied with a corresponding certificate of authenticity. All pieces are cataloged to ensure the authenticity of each piece.
  • Ten percent of profits are donated to sustainable employment projects in South Africa. 


Creating art and jewellery from the original fence from Robben Island