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Robben Island Art and Jewelry

Africa Victorious Smaller

Africa Victorious Smaller

R 15,200.00

Please email for prices: info@legacycollection.org

This piece is titled Africa Victorious. Inspired by Africa's present-day renaissance and in celebration of South Africa's twenty years of Democracy.

The Robben Island prison fence is cut into the shape of Africa and South Africa is dipped in gold. This smaller Africa Victorious frame comes with a printed outline of Africa and the South Africa tip is done in 20 carat gold leaf.  The mount edge is guilded in gold leaf. The tag with unique serial number is dipped in gold.

Size: 32 x 44cm (outside measurement)

Framing: Dark wooden frame

Note: Custom sizes can be requested by emailing or calling us for a quotation.

Product Features

  • Made from original fence from Robben Island prison.
  • Each piece of raw fence is tagged with a unique serial number and is supplied with a corresponding certificate of authenticity. All pieces are cataloged to ensure the authenticity of each piece.
  • Ten percent of profits are donated to sustainable employment projects in South Africa. See our website for more details.
  • Select your preferred framing style and on order, our team will email you images of pieces of fence we have in stock for you to select one.
Creating art and jewellery from the original fence from Robben Island