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Victor Cufflinks

PLATED Rose Gold
PLATED Yellow Gold

African Water & Rust

Nelson Mandela Watercolour Art – Titled: Inkokeli

South African Dame Earrings ON PROMO for CRICKET World Cup!


Wire Art – Robben Island Fencing – A4 size

Enthroned Chandelier


Tenacious Chandelier

Mandela Artwork Collaboration

Freewill Pendant

9ct PURE Rose Gold
9ct PURE Yellow Gold
PLATED Rose Gold
PLATED Yellow Gold

Dame Pink Earrings

Peace Earring With Fishhooks

Hope Chandelier

Unbreakable Chandelier


Wire Art – A4 size

Mandela Ball Point Pen Art

Redemption Chandelier (with incredible recycled elements)


Lady in Waiting – White + Gold

Dame Dusk Earrings

Gift Card


Refined Strength Ring

9ct Rose Gold
9ct Yellow Gold