African Water & Rust


Nelson Mandela watercolour portrait titled: Lumkile
Lumkile means wise in Xhosa (Nelson Mandela’s home language).

This collaboration is with the lovely fine artist Sharon Boonzaier a long-time creative friend of Legacy Collection. Legacy Collection inserted a piece of Robben Island fencing with a unique serial number within the design. Nelson Mandela served 18 years on Robben Island, and his time there shaped the course of his life and legacy.



TITLED: Water + Rust by Charmaine Taylor.
Inspired by the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds Cape Town, which is often referred to as The Cape of Storms. These storms make most coastal metals rust.

The metal covering the African continent is the historical fencing off Robben Island prison, this island is surrounded by the wild + icy Atlantic Ocean. This rusted fencing once surrounded Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment on Robben Island. We are now creating messages of Hope over History and in doing so; always remembering The Legacy of Nelson Mandela and his comrades who served time on #RobbenIsland.

The tag on the artwork has a unique serial number where we document all the fencing within our range. You will also receive a certificate of Authenticity.

A percentage of profits is given to sustainable employment projects in South Africa.

Size: 614 x 435 mm (outer frame).

Current framing options:
Natural African Hardwood, white or dark frame
Or, email us for a custom-made frame
* Custom sizes can be requested

Product Features

  • Made from the original fence from Robben Island prison.
  • Fencing pieces may vary in shape, size, and colour due to natural wear and tear. No one piece of fencing is the same as another piece of fencing.
  • Each piece of raw fence is tagged with a unique serial number and is supplied with a corresponding certificate of authenticity. All pieces are catalogued to ensure the authenticity of each piece.
  • Select your preferred framing style and on order, our team will email you images of pieces of the fence we have in stock for you to select one.
Shipping & Delivery
We delivery anywhere in the world. We have an express service due to the value of our items. Please contact Karyn on if you have any queries regarding shipping