Queen Golden Earrings


Queen Definition: 
The female sovereign ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth
A person who is highly respected or well-known within their field ie: the queen of fashion / blues / pop.

The Queen size is the largest showstopper in the Legacy Beaded range. These are for woman who wants to make a statement. And be prepared for people to always compliment you on your golden feather-like earrings.

Queen Measurements:
14cm (L) x 4cm (W)  5.5’ x 1.57’


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Beads are some of Africa’s oldest artefacts, in present day, African artisans continue to create beautiful
beadwork unique to their tribe, region, and status or to portray a message.
Traditionally, beadwork was produced by women to act as a token of adoration from a woman to her
man. These traditional creations, with meaningful colours, were letters of love. Modern beadwork
produced on a commercial basis still is traditionally beaded by women, acting as an adornment for
women and me alike.
Legacy Collection Beaded pieces have been created with the traditional history in mind, where
each beaded piece tells a story.
Created to honour the beauty, strength and resilience of women, the beaded earring range has
symbolically been named after female royal titles: Queen, Princess and Duchess.
Our royal beading range encourages all women who wear these pieces as queens and princesses in
their own rights. To embrace their feminism and enjoy telling their story by wearing these unique,
sometimes bold but intricately beaded pieces.
What love message will you send?
What colour will you wear?
What story will you tell?
Our story is to keep the legacy of these African cultures alive, by empowering and uplifting the brave
woman who keep their dreams alive by crafting and creating these adornments to provide financial
support to their families, without losing the language of love they weave into the beaded tapestries.
Women, specifically within South Africa, are some of the most “at risk” women in the world. In
supporting this traditional craft, our skilled beaders, are able to rise above their circumstances by
creating beauty with their capable hands.
Legacy Collection encourage women from across the world not to be ruled by their
circumstances nor their past of shame and hurt. To know their worth by creating a legacy
through creativity, adaptability and resilience

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Additional information

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